L'infini Co., Ltd.


L'infini Co., Ltd. deals with fine tea, high-quality fruits and Omi beef produced in Shiga prefecture and always tries to find new fine products for overseas markets as well as for domestic ones.

You may already know famous goods from this region like “Omi beef”, one of Big three brand of Japanese beef, black Wagyu, and “Tsuchiyama tea” considered as an original Japanese tea. They are proud of their high quality and excellent reputations.

Omi beef has been the most traditional bland of Wagyu beef for the past 400 years. Omi was the only place allowed to produce beef during Edo period. Then Edo government prohibited ordinary people from eating not only beef but also other kinds of meats in Japan. However, even in those days the Shogun and feudal lords were allowed to have only the beef produced in Omi.

Tsuchiyama tea from Koga region is well noted for its fine and mild taste since grown in an excellent area with fresh air and mineral water coming through Suzuka mountains. Tsuchiyama area has various good tea leaf shops around as well as wholesale ones.

L'infini Co., Ltd. is determined to continue to provide good local products to overseas clients as well as those in Japan.

Around 150 years ago, by the Meiji period, it was still not common for Japanese people to taste beef. Omi tradesmen(active local merchants all over Japan at that time) started to supply Omi beef to Tokyo, hundreds miles away. The journey took around 14 days on foot and caused the opening of retail shops and Omi beef restaurants. In due course, Omi beef became popular for its excellent quality and established its fame across Japan.

Nagahama Institute of Bio-Science and Technology in Shiga has an incubation center for local venture entrepreneurs in its Science Park and has grown many successful companies in the Bio-Science Industry, for example supplying anti-aging supplements and fine cosmetic goods. L'infini Co., Ltd. is trying to co-work with some of these companies to create new products for use in the world.

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